Rachel Foreman

My name's Rachel F

(or effy, if you like)

I'm a creative who specialises in all things nails

I live, work and play in Berlin.

I'm slowly learning German so go easy on me... (help is always appreciated)

Come to my Neukölln studio, i'll do your nails, pour you a drink and we can talk about what ever's going on with you (or me) at the moment.


Follow me for designs and inspiration for your next set!

  • Instagram: @effynails
  • FB: facebook.com/effy.nails.beauty
  • Twitter: @effynails


I used to wax eyebrows, legs and everything in between. I used to blend essential oils for customised full body massages. I used to zap hair and thread veins and pigmentation with an IPL laser machine. I used to spray naked bodies with fake tan. I used to do nails in between all of these things, until I decided to SPECIALISE.

I love combining my beauty therapy background with my creativity, making people feel good about themselves by enhancing what is already there. Nail design is a way for me to play with colour and pattern, creating individual looks while also providing a professional salon treatment.

I have worked with some of my favourite artists during fashion weeks, created nail looks for magazine editorials, music videos, Theatre, TV commercials, organised nail bars for festivals, day time events and night time events… all of this while enjoying getting to know people during one to one appointments.