Frequently Asked Questions AKA FAQ's!

Hello there and welcome to my post answering the most frequent of questions I get asked via emails, PM’s, DM’s and conversations.

I’m the only nail tech in my studio. I try to answer all messages but sometimes they get missed, sometimes I need a break from the screen, but mostly they are already on my website! If your question isn’t answered here or in a linked post, feel free to ask away! I try to get back to unanswered questions as soon as I can. Thank you for your time and interest in the world of nails <3

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Studio Questions

How do I get to the studio?

The studio is a private one, without a sign outside. It’s a one-to-one, no-walk-in’s kinda place. The closest U-bahn is an 8-10 minute walk from Karl Marx on the U8. The closest bus stop is 20 seconds away on the M41, stop Hertzbergstrasse. The address is on the confirmation email.

Can I bring a friend?

It’s teeny tiny so it can get pretty full in there! So, unless you reeeaalllly need to, then it’s better to meet them afterwards.

Can I bring my dog?

I’m currently training my own dog to be an even good-er boy at the studio so it’s best to leave your hound with a friend or at home until my pooch learns to stay chill around other dogs (He’s very young and excitable!)

Online Diary Questions

Where is the price list?

Prices and short service descriptions are within my online diary. Just click the pinky purple “Book Now” buttons.

Why can’t I book the day/time I want?

I’m flexible with my diary and always update my hours and days. People also change their bookings so it’s worth checking back if you can’t find the day/time you want straight away. If you can’t see the appointment you’re after, it’s probably already booked.

How do I book?

I have a ”Book” button on my Instagram page, on my Facebook page, and on my website.

What should I book?

Here’s a link to a longer post to help you with what to book > What should I book?

Can I book a pedicure?

Not at the moment, I’m sorry to say! I have paused my pedicure treatments until my little pooch is trained up and doesn’t want to sit on everyones lap while on the chair! I’m working on it…. they’ll be back in good time.

Do I need to book a removal service?

If you need your acrylics or gel extensions removed, then yes. This can take a while so I need the extra time on top of a manicure service (if any). If you have Shellac or colour gel on from another studio , then yes. If you had Shellac or The GelBottle Inc from myself, then you only need to book a removal service if that’s all you want…. otherwise it’s free with any other manicure service! Hooray!

Do you do Gift Vouchers?

Yes. They are valid for 3 months from the date of sending. They will not be valid after this time as my prices, services, products and hours can change at any time. They are available in printable PDF format, which I will email to you. They are available via my online shop > Click here for the Planet Effy shop.

Cancellation Questions

How do I cancel?

Keep your confirmation email when you book. It has links on there so you can change or cancel your booking without waiting for me to get back to you.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds are given automatically if the appointment is cancelled/changed with 24 hours notice, or more. It can take up to 10 days to appear in your account.

Nail Art Questions

How much is……..?

Prices of added nail art start from €10 and go up to €20. Unless you want something that takes an extra long, long time such as all of the Swarovski gems in the world, then very rarely it will be more.

Do you do this *insert picture/video here* kind of nail art?

Most probably, yes. Unless you want me to paint the Mona Lisa on your little finger. Or a Disney Princess face on each nail (I had to say no when someone asked me this before) Or any kind of dog portrait (Unless its the emoji one, that request was ok). Oh, I can’t seem to get to grips with “Baby Boomers” so I’d rather let another tech tackle those! I like to try my hand at most things but I do have my own style and if you would like me to do “my thing” from seeing an inspirational picture you’ve found (of nails or of something not-nail related) then I’d be happy to do so. Check my Instagram and all my pictures on my website to get a flavour of what I have done before.

What kind of nail art shall I book?

I have divided my nail art prices into 3 main categories online, for ease. There’s “Simple”, “Simple Plus” and “Detailed”. I always like to talk about colours and designs and inspiration or moods before we get to that part of the manicure, to make sure we are both on the same page. Prices and timings for these categories are guidelines so the final price may vary (up AND down). For example, if “Simple” art is booked when you want something more detailed- I will do my best to paint the design in the time that has been booked and adjust the price accordingly. I want you to have have the nails that you want… and if you don’t know what you want… we can figure it out together!

Product Questions

I’ve tried to explain the difference in products as best as I can. Nail talk can get confusing if you’re not a qualified nail tech, so this is more of a guide to help you choose what you want or don’t want. Also, it’s sometimes best to just talk to your nail tech and see what you both come up with (during the appointment) No appointment is set in stone. As long as the amount of time is booked and we can work around it, changes of products used is totalllllyyyy fine <3

What’s the difference between nail paint and Shellac?

I wrote a post all about this > click here for the difference between nail paint and Shellac.

Whats the difference between Shellac and Gel?

See this post > Shellac is a brand

What is The GelBottle Inc?

See this post here > Click here for info on my new favourite nail brand!

What is the difference between gel and acrylic?

I wrote a longer post on this > Click here for all about acrylics and click here for the difference between gel and acrylic aaannnnddd here.

How Do I remove Shellac? (If it’s 100% branded Shellac throughout the service)

I would always recommend a professional to do it but incase of a nail emergency, here’s the link to my Youtube tutorial > How To Remove Shellac At Home

Do you do SNS nails? / Do you do Apres nails?

No. But I DO use CND Acrylic, gel, Shellac, The GelBottle Inc, BIAB by The GelBottle Inc, OPI, Essie and Uslu products.