Love Thy Lamp (and zero drying time)

I'm not sure if you've heard but... I love my new CND LED Shellac lamp.


Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

Here's why:

  • It completely dries each layer of Shellac in 1 minute (and only 5 seconds for the base coat!) There are 2 coats of colour, 1 top coat. You can do the maths...
  • It looks like a tiny UFO
  • It uses Light Emitting Diodes on your fingertips instead of Ultra Violet on your whole hand (that's LED and UV to you and me)
  • It's so comfortable, it is probably the most ergonomic flat surface you could put your hand on
Natural nails with Shellac and marble nail art

Natural nails with Shellac and marble nail art

There are a few other nail-nerd reasons why I love my lamp but that could be too much tech-talk. Buuuuut for other nail techs who haven't got one yet...

  • It's light weight so perfect for mobile nail techs working on set, pop up events or home visits
  • It has pre-set timer buttons for Shellac base, colour, top and CND Brisa gel
  • It's tiny so there's more desk space for Feng Shui :)


Natural nails with Shellac and gold foil nail art

Natural nails with Shellac and gold foil nail art

What does this all mean????

It means that with even quicker drying time, you have more time to enjoy the rest of the manicure, a luxurious hand massage, an exfoliating scrub, nail art....


If you don't have time, then you can calmly return back to the office or enjoy the great outdoors or tend to your little angels that are patiently waiting for you!

Smudge free guarantee.

Come and check it out for yourself in my Kreuzberg nail studio! Book a Shellac appointment at a time to suit you and let me do the rest....